WIFI router rescue with tjtag and Arduino

tjtag is an open source WIFI router rescue utility by our friend tornado. It uses a parallel programming cable to write firmware back into a bricked router.

Now zoobab has ported jtjag to work with the Arduino as a programmer. If you don’t have a parallel port, just use an Arduino to rescue that router.

Thanks Tornado!

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  1. Now your friend Tornado forces users to make donation if they want to download TJTAG.

    1. I’m really sorry to hear that, maybe there is a fork around if the source was open?

      Also, link fixed.

      1. I think Tornado wrote the whole thing, and assuming no code contributions were made he owns the code and can dual license (or change the license) if he wants. That’s not what I prefer happen, but at least the former releases are still available.

  2. Nope. TJtag is a fork of free open-source WRT54G EJTAG Debrick Utility originally written by HairyDairyMaid (a.k.a. Lightbulb).

    Code contributions were made by OpenWRT & DD-WRT developers/users, too.

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