Announcing an open source USB stack for PIC 18F and 24F

Good news everyone! A new free and open source USB stack is now available for PIC microcontrollers. Today we finished testing and prepared a simple echo test that works with PIC 18F and 24F. We hope a demo release will get more developers involved. A release package and overview are in the forum. As always, […]

Testers needed: USB Infrared Toy firmware v20 release candidate 1

We are exceedingly proud to announce the first USB IR Toy firmware using an open source USB firmware. In the past we used the Microchip USB stack, but it’s not distributable so we can’t release the full source code. Sure, it’s easy enough to download the code from Microchip directly, but that is an extra […]

HACK: Open source USB stack on MCP2200

Microchip has a new USB->serial converter chip called the MCP2200. We suspected they made this chip from a 20-pin PIC. The MCP2200 pinout is like other PIC uCs, and it has similar reset pin and internal voltage regulator circuits. We hooked up our trusty┬áPICKIT3 and read the device ID. The MCP2200 was recognized as a […]

Announcement: Open source PIC USB stack

Forum member Honken released an open source USB firmware for PIC microcontrollers. This is a major open source contribution, congratulations! Most PIC 18F2550 and 18F4550 USB projects you see on the web use the Microchip USB source code. It’s easy to use and free. There’s one big problem: Microchip uses a license that isn’t open […]

Open source PIC USB demo for the IR Toy

Honken has an updated open source USB firmware for PIC microcontrollers. We ported the update to the IR Toy, you can load it up and test it yourself using the bootloader. This version is much more robust, and a number of bugs were squashed. The first character sent is no longer lost, and strings of […]