App note: Terminations for advanced CMOS logic

App note from ON semiconductor on proper terminations when using advance CMOS logic to minimize power consumption. Link here (PDF) Advanced CMOS logic such as ON Semiconductor’s FACT® logic, has extended CMOS performance to the level of advanced bipolar technologies. While high−performance design rules that are currently utilized for bipolar designs are also applicable to […]

App note: Battery fuel gauge [Smart LiB Gauge] for 1-Cell Lithium-ion/Polymer with LC709204F

New app note from ON Semiconductor about thier LC709204F fuel gauge chip. Link here (PDF) LC709204F is a Fuel Gauge for 1−Cell Lithium−ion/Polymer batteries. It is a part of our Smart LiB Gauge family of Fuel Gauges which measure the battery RSOC (Relative State Of Charge) using its unique algorithm called HG−CVR2. The HG−CVR2 algorithm […]

App note: Trends in integrated circuits that affect ESD protection requirements

A quick lookup on the ESD protection evolution of ICs in this app note from ON Semiconductor. Link here (PDF) The stunning progress in integrated circuit capability over the last 40 years is most succinctly expressed by Moore’s Law; “Every 2 years the number of transistors that can be economically manufactured in an integrated circuit […]

App note: Circuit configuration options for TVS diodes

Different TVS configuration usage app note from ON Semiconductor. Link here (PDF) Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) protection is important because EMI and ESD can disturb the operation of the system, produce permanent damage or cause latent damage that will eventually cause a failure. Avalanche TVS diodes and diode arrays are available in a number of […]

App note: Performance of noise canceller of LC823450

Audio Noise cancelling LC823450 from ON Semiconductor. Link here (PDF) This application note describes the performance of Noise Canceller of LC823450 Series. The customer can improve of audio characteristics by using this canceller. Its function can be used for various products such as Wireless headset, Earbads, Wireless speaker or IC−recoder.

App note: Performance of echo canceller of LC823450

Audio application echo canceller LC823450 from ON Semiconductor. Link here (PDF) This application note describes the performance of Echo canceller of LC823450 Series. The customer can improve the sound quality of hands free communication by using this canceller. Its function can be used for various products such as Wireless headset. Earbads or other voice communication […]

App note: Enable pin operation and functions of eFuses

Get to know a number of useful usage of the enable pin of ON Semiconductor’s eFuse. Link here (PDF) ON Semiconductor electronic fuses (eFuses) are analog integrated circuits that are used to protect circuits operating from 3.3, 5, or 12 V DC supplies. They have numerous protection functionalities such as overvoltage clamping, current limiting, thermal […]

App note: eFuse load current measurement

App note from ON Semiconductor on eFuse current measurement. Link here (PDF) This application note describes the load current measurement solution for the eFuses which do not provide load current monitoring feature. Since almost all of the eFuses provide adjustable current limit functionality by utilizing an external current limiting resistor between “ILIM” and “SRC” pins, […]

App note: Current limits in electronic fuses using direct and Kelvin R limit connections

App note from ON Semiconductor about eFuse or Electronic fuse. Link here (PDF) The primary function of an Electronic Fuse, or eFuse, is to limit current, the same function provided by any fuse or positive temperature coefficient device (PTC). An eFuse, however, provides this function with much more versatility than either of these devices. An […]

App note: USB Type-C, CC Pin Design Considerations

Application note from ON Semiconductor on USB Type-C connector supporting non-USB standard charging protocol, Link here (PDF) When designing hardware systems with Type−C connectors, a designer also has to consider all legacy, standard, and non-standard specifications that exist in the USB connector eco system. With the introduction of the Type−C connector and the Configuration channel […]

App note: PCB routing methodology for SuperSpeed USB 3.1 switch family from ON Semiconductor

Routing USB 3.1 traces app note from ON Semiconductor. Link here (PDF) The introduction of USB Type−C has provided a significant launch opportunity for USB3.1 data rates across an array of platforms from portable to desktop and beyond. This proliferation of Type−C will certainly create challenges due to the high speed nature of the interface. […]

App note: CCD Fundamentals

ON Semiconductor’s Charge-Coupled Devices primer application note. Link here (PDF) Like many technologies, the Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) started out as one kind of creature and wound up as something completely different. Invented in the late 1960’s by researchers at Bell Labs, it was initially conceived as a new type of computer memory circuit, and it […]

App note: Using the enable Pin in a linear regulator as a voltage supervisor

Clever way using linear regulator’s enable pin implementing a voltage supervisory circuit control, an app note(PDF) from ON Semiconductors. The combination of a voltage regulator and a voltage supervisor, is a popular circuit configuration. The addition of the supervisor ensures that the regulated output turns on and off at sufficient input voltages, as well as […]

App note: using MOSFETs in load switch applications

App note(PDF) from ON Semiconductor. The load switch is controlled by the system, and connects or disconnects a voltage rail to a specific load. By turning unused circuitry off, the system as a whole can run more efficiently. The load switch provides a simple means to power a load when it is in demand and […]

App note: Analog switch allows USB switching at low voltages

Multiplexing USB pins using analog switches solves pin sharing between devices. Here’s a good app note(PDF) from ON Semiconductor. NLAS2066 is a dual SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) switch with over-voltage tolerance (OVT) in its input pins. The OVT feature permits the device to be used for the purpose of sharing of pins in size […]

App note: Unique and novel uses for ON Semiconductor’s new One-Gate family

One-gate logic uses and their benefits application note (PDF) from ON Semiconductor. One–Gate logic devices have been in use for several years, and are nothing more than single–gate derivatives of their multi–gate cousins. Traditional ICs were packaged in 14 and 16 pin Dual–in–line Packages (DIPs), and the goal of the IC manufacturer was to get […]

App note: Ambiguity of the peak power rating of TVS devices

Here’s a tip app note (PDF) from ON Semiconductor on selecting specs for an TVS diode. There are two important properties of a TVS device during an electrical stress. The TVS must be able to self-protect and survive the stress current, and the TVS must clamp the protected line to a low voltage during the […]

App note: Understanding the output current capability of DC-DC buck converters

Here’s a tutorial on output current capability of DC-DC buck converters that output a lower voltage from an input voltage. The article outlines the theory of buck converters, and how to calculate output current: Due to the widespread availability of highly integrated DC-DC switchmode converter devices, system design engineers no longer have to put much […]

App note: Understanding noise that comes with inductor based DC-DC converters

Here’s a tutorial from On Semiconductor describing noise that comes with inductor based DC-DC convertors. The article highlight the key areas where noise is generated in such systems, and provides suggestions on how to tackle them. The main purpose of this document is to clarify the source of such a noise, and assess the risk […]