App note: Analog switch lowers relay power consumption

Clever way of starting-up relays discussed in this app note from Maxim Integrated. Link here Relays are often used as electrically controlled switches. Unlike transistors, their switch contacts are electrically isolated from the control input. On the other hand, the power dissipation in a relay coil may be unattractive for battery-operated applications. You can lower […]

App note: Multiplex boosted class-D without additional external circuitry

An analog switch MAX14689 from MAXIM Integrated let signals that are higher than rail voltage pass. Link here (PDF) Boosted class-D amplifiers drive speakers with voltages greater than the supply voltage. These amplifiers are becoming more common because they allow higher performance audio from a single lithium ion battery. Most boosted class-D amplifiers, however, do […]

App note: Analog switches solve many problems within a cell phone

Applications(PDF) of analog switches inside a cell phone by ON Semiconductor. Analog switches have been available since the 60’s as a component for systems designers. With the advent of ASICs and ASSPs, many designers have not experienced the real value of these devices. Today’s designers may be familiar with the venerable MC14066, a workhorse that […]

App note: Analog switch allows USB switching at low voltages

Multiplexing USB pins using analog switches solves pin sharing between devices. Here’s a good app note(PDF) from ON Semiconductor. NLAS2066 is a dual SPST (Single Pole Single Throw) switch with over-voltage tolerance (OVT) in its input pins. The OVT feature permits the device to be used for the purpose of sharing of pins in size […]