App note: Design considerations for a harsh industrial environment

This article discusses factors that influence the robustness of a circuit in a harsh environment, like you would find for industrial applications. The topics covered include ways to handle voltage transients and to protect against electrostatic discharge (ESD) and faults. Link here Semiconductor (IC) robustness—what is the operating temperature range? How is high electrical noise handled? […]

App note: Ambiguity of the peak power rating of TVS devices

Here’s a tip app note (PDF) from ON Semiconductor on selecting specs for an TVS diode. There are two important properties of a TVS device during an electrical stress. The TVS must be able to self-protect and survive the stress current, and the TVS must clamp the protected line to a low voltage during the […]

App note: What is a silicon transient voltage suppressor and how does it work

A primer app note(PDF) on silicon transient voltage suppressors by Microsemi. Silicon transient voltage suppressors (TVSs) are clamping devices that limit voltage spikes by low impedance avalanche breakdown of a rugged silicon pn jucntion. They are used to protect sensitive components from electrical overstress such as that caused by induced lightning, inductive load switching and […]