App note: Paralleling eFuses

ON Semiconductors guide to cover much higher current capacity from eFuses. Link here (PDF) The standard 12 V, 5 V and 3.3 V electronic fuses from ON Semiconductor provide overcurrent and overvoltage protection and come in different current limit configurations. As an example, the 5 V NIS5452 eFuse has a recommended operational 5 A current […]

App note: Enable pin operation and functions of eFuses

Get to know a number of useful usage of the enable pin of ON Semiconductor’s eFuse. Link here (PDF) ON Semiconductor electronic fuses (eFuses) are analog integrated circuits that are used to protect circuits operating from 3.3, 5, or 12 V DC supplies. They have numerous protection functionalities such as overvoltage clamping, current limiting, thermal […]

App note: eFuse load current measurement

App note from ON Semiconductor on eFuse current measurement. Link here (PDF) This application note describes the load current measurement solution for the eFuses which do not provide load current monitoring feature. Since almost all of the eFuses provide adjustable current limit functionality by utilizing an external current limiting resistor between “ILIM” and “SRC” pins, […]

App note: Hot plug insertion startup time delay for eFuse

App note from ON semiconductors about time delay on start up in conjunction with eFuse to compensate voltage spikes that can falsely trigger them. Link here (PDF) The eFuse protection devices are used for limiting the system load current in the event of an overload or a short circuit. Many applications employ ON Semiconductor eFuses […]

App note: Current limits in electronic fuses using direct and Kelvin R limit connections

App note from ON Semiconductor about eFuse or Electronic fuse. Link here (PDF) The primary function of an Electronic Fuse, or eFuse, is to limit current, the same function provided by any fuse or positive temperature coefficient device (PTC). An eFuse, however, provides this function with much more versatility than either of these devices. An […]

App note: Advantages of eFuses versus PTC resettable fuses

The advantage of eFuses an application note from ON Semiconductors. Link here (PDF) Overcurrent protection is a basic necessity for electrical devices. While many people are familiar with fuses and household circuit breakers, few are intimately familiar with the kinds of overcurrent protection devices that are found in electronics. Though not a comprehensive list, there […]