Arduino MIDI foot controler

Bharat shared his USB MIDI foot controller.

This design is basically an extension board for the Arduino that has a bunch of buttons and switches that control instruments and sound effects on a PC using an app like Guitar Rig. There are 3 switches to control the stomp box and 2 additional switches to scroll through sound patches. The volume, level and wah are controlled via potentiometers. All relevant information, such as stomp box status, volume level and patch name are displayed over a 2×16 LCD.

As an update to the design, the wah will be controlled via a foot pedal. The schematic and source code are available on his site, along with this video demonstrating his design in action.

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  1. You can pulldown your POT INPUT to GND with resistor about 100K. When POT is not connected, ARDUINO will read 0 from pot input.

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