65C02: Tear down, a look at the CMOS version of the 6502 CPU

A teardown video from Electronupdate: The CMOS version of the commercially significant 6502: a processor architecture which launched the personal computer era. This particular version was plucked off of an embedded industrial controller… a place where this processor still finds design wins.

Reverse engineering the popular 555 timer chip (CMOS version)

Ken Shirriff wrote an article on reverse engineering a 555 timer chip,  He writes: This article explains how the LMC555 timer chip works, from the tiny transistors and resistors on the silicon chip, to the functional units such as comparators and current mirrors that make it work. The popular 555 timer integrated circuit is said to be […]

Magical music box using CMOS and 555s

Justin Giles-Clark shows off his magical music box using CMOS and 555s: Simple circuit using 555s for a 3minute monostable oscillator to time the clockwork spring. Another 555 provide a astable oscillator with about an 1 hertz period clocking a 4017 decimal ring counter for 6 counts. Created in 2002. Via contact form. Check out the […]