OneRNG – an open source entropy generator

Moonbase Otago is pleased to announce its Kickstarter campaign for OneRNG – an open source hardware entropy generator:

OneRNG is a USB key in the same form factor as a USB flash drive, it’s an entropy generator, it makes random bitstreams suitable for feeding to your computer’s encryption systems to make better and faster keys to make interception of your communications more difficult. It has two entropy sources, an avalanche diode and an RF noise source, either or both can be used

OneRNG is also open hardware, that means all of the design, both hardware and software, is Open Source – you can inspect the hardware and software to make sure there is nothing hidden that stops it from functioning as promised. It also means that you can inspect a unit after shipping to make sure it has not been tampered with, both by lifting its lid to look at the components, and by inspecting the embedded firmware both to make sure that it contains what you think it does and also that it is cryptographically signed with a valid key.
Because you don’t truly own your own hardware unless you can reprogram it we’re also offering device programmers for those who want to take the existing software and make it better or their own.

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    1. A (very) fair question – you can see sp,e results (from ‘ent’ and our ongoing ‘dierharder’ runs) in the “Theory of operation” page (which also describes the schematic_). ‘dieharder’ takes a month or more to run so we don’t have a full run there yet (we plan on rerunning it on multiple modes):

      There’s also some information from shortish runs of rngtest available on the Kickstarter comments pages

      On an unrelated note we’re a happy DirtyPCBs customer, and those who attended the first Shenzhen hackets tour will remember me waving one around ….

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