Mini I2C OLED Display with just 4 connections

Posted on Tuesday, August 28th, 2012 in OLED by the machinegeek

Joshua Jach has developed and released his mini I2C OLED display. The project, which has been fully funded via KickStarter, provides a simple way to interface MCUs to a small Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) Display based on the SSD1306 driver. The OLED Module is controlled via I2C fast-mode, with a bit rate up to 400kbit/s. Only 4 wires are needed to control it – 5V, GND, SDA, SCL.

All files, as well as code to use with Arduino can be found on the Sabernetics Tech page. For those not inclined to DIY, this module is available from Jameco for $19.95.

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10 Responses to “Mini I2C OLED Display with just 4 connections”

  1. jaromir says:

    Mother of god, what the heck is this? I knew projects on Kickstarter are often strange, but this is sick. This guy wants 3.500USD for writing library for Arduino and creating simple breakout for this display?
    I’m really curious, whether he’ll find problems with I2C implementation in those drivers and applies workaround in library for it. For more details, see my last project on my website – I used very similar display in it.

    I’m looking forward to next similar project on Kickstarter. I expect something like I2C EEPROM on breadboard for 10.000USD.

  2. Matseng says:

    These types of Kickstarter projects are not for doing the development of the hard- or software. For them this is just a convenient way of taking pre-orders to be able to produce a medium sized batch of units without any financial risk of ending up with a large stock of unsellable gadgets.

    Fine with me. I’d probably do the same if I was US-based….

  3. Another re-seller on kickstarter? these’ve been available on ebay for forever and for less money.

  4. sudopeople says:

    Adafruit’s had the SPI version of this since January….at a lower price point…and with double the resolution. Their I2C version seems to post-date Jach’s though.×32-oled-graphic-display/

  5. willemite says:

    And the price on Taobao…..

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