App note: A Closed-loop, wideband, 100A active load

A closed-loop, wideband, 100A active load (PDF!) app note by Jim Williams of Linear Technology: Digital systems, particularly microprocessors, furnish transient loads in the 100A range that a voltage regulator must service. Ideally, regulator output is invariant during a load transient. In practice, some variation is encountered and becomes problematic if allowable operating voltage tolerances are exceeded. 100A […]

Re:Load Pro – A DC active load

Here’s an interesting open source project on Kickstarter the Re:Load Pro by Nick Johnson of Arachnid Labs: Today I’m finally launching the Re:load Pro on kickstarter. The Re:load Pro takes all the advantages of the original Re:load, and improves upon them with a robust benchtop case, a good quality display and UI, an isolated USB interface, and an […]