LoraDunchy Arduino Nano pin-compatibile LoRa module with power management

Mare writes: Lora board with Arduino nano compatibile pinout and simple battery management Small board with arduino nano compatibile pinout with power management and Murata ABZ LoRa module with STM32L0 microcontroller Features: -LoRa module: Murata ABZ -Single cell LiPo cell charger on-board with charging signal internally connected to PA11 (via jumper) -Buck/Boost switching power supply […]

Developing an IR remote and Software controller

Hardware Hacks has published a new build, a DIY Infrared remote for speaker: The idea is simple, we capture the IR signal from a remaining speaker remote and record the commands that get transmitted. We did this by connecting up our IR Receiver to the Arduino, the receiver has 3 pins and from left to right […]

Monitoring room temperature using Arduino

Dobrica wrote a post on his blog detailing the build of his simple temperature monitor using Arduino Nano: For a last few months, I have been playing around with Arduino and collecting useful parts for my first real project. Last week we purchased Mitsubishi air condition with super-invertor and I wasn’t totally happy with the way it operated so […]