App note: Understanding infrared diode power ratings

App note from TT Electronics about infrared diode specs, how they vary from different manufacturers, and help clear things about infrared definition of parameters. Link here (PDF) Infrared emitting diode power measurement is dependent upon a number of variables which must be precisely defined in order for design engineers to utilize data sheet information. Manufacturers […]

App note: Linear and rotary encoders are evolving to meet demands

Application notes from TT Electronics on optical encoders versatile sensing. Link here (PDF) Linear and rotary encoders have come in a wide variety of design styles over the years, the most common being rotary switches, potentiometers, capacitive, magnetic, and optical types. The optical encoder has become the most popular of these encoding methods due to […]

App note: Position sensing technologies in automotive applications

An Autopad(TM) sensor from TT Electronics provides a new non contact position sensing. Link here (PDF) Automotive design engineers are continuously seeking components that offer performance and flexibility beyond those of conventional position sensing technologies. Further still are the requirements that these devices be versatile and adaptable to a wide range of applications. This demand […]

App note: Thermal management basics and its importance for LED luminaire performance and cost

Article about thermal management on LED luminaire from TT Electronics. Link here (PDF) LED luminaires are being marketed today as an alternative lighting technology that reduces power consumption and maintenance costs for commercial and residential installations. Thermal management has a significant impact upon the lifetime, performance and cost of an LED luminaire. Without proper application […]

App note: Design considerations for single-sided sensing applications of reflective assemblies

App note from TT Electronics on reflective assemblies and the surfaces they need to effectively detect/sense. A reflective sensor provides a major mounting advantage to the designer because only one side of a sensing surface is required. However, there are a number of design variables that need to be considered to assure detection of the […]

App note: Designing encoder elements for two channel optical interrupters

An app note from TT Electronics on design and getting information out of encoder elements of two channel optical interrupters. Rotational direction of a shaft can be readily determined by utilizing the two channels of a dual optical interrupter, an encoder disc with a number of openings around the circumference, and some simple electronics. The […]

App note: Photologic

Photologic components and applications from TT Electronics. Historically, optoelectronic components such as phototransistors have been analog output devices. The application engineer had to design with an output current from the phototransistor generated by a given input bias circuit. The advent of the integrated circuits and microprocessors has required the electronics world to turn digital. The […]