Bus Pirate firmware v6.2 beta test

A test version of Bus Pirate firmware v6.2 is now available for download. This release has updates and bug fixes for hardware v3 and v4.  Big changes: SPI mode speed fix BPv4 SUMP logic analyzer mode fixed BPv4 USB interrupt bug fixed (should fix many random bugs, including UART bridge) Fix translation files names A […]

USB Infrared Toy firmware v22 final released

USB Infrared Toy firmware v22 final is now available for download. This includes bug fixes for both IR Toy hardware versions. This is the most stable IR Toy firmware yet. Download release package Download source archive Firmware update instructions The open source USB stack is performing well. After a little more testing on the IR […]

Testers needed: IR Toy firmware v20 test 10

IR Toy firmware v20 is nearly ready for release. This version uses the new open source USB stack written by JTR and Honken. The transmit, and receive functions have been completely reworked. The transmitter can handle 1000s of bytes of test signals without a glitch thanks to the new USB double-buffer. There’s only one bug […]

RIP: Easter Egg 4-28-2010 to 8-13-2010

Today is a sad day.. a very sad day.. With the release of firmware v5.6 we lost a beloved addition to the Bus Pirate: the new Easter egg. Starting in v5.0, including the first alpha release of the new terminal design, we included a new Easter egg. It was fun for us to write, and a pain to […]

USB Infrared Toy firmware v1.02

There’s a new firmware, hardware, and source archive for the USB Infrared Toy available for download here. This release includes a very minor firmware update, there’s no real compelling reason to upgrade: USB device descriptor properly reports bus-powered device Removed padding from manufacturer string in descriptor Increased delay before and after self-test Updated self-test version […]

#twatch firmware with backlight enabled

The white-on-blue screen that shipped with the #twatch really requires the backlight to be visible. Here’s an updated firmware that has the backlight on at power-up. The new firmware is loaded over the network using tools already available in most operating systems, Windows instructions here. We apologize for the lack of refinement. We prototyped with […]

Bus Pirate firmware v3 preview

Tests of the Bus Pirate logic analyzer went so well that we’re rolling it into firmware v3 preview for all hardware. In addition to the features described in the last post, the updated logic analyzer supports configurable sample size (up to 4096), speed (10Hz-~1MHz), and triggers. There’s a few other goodies tucked into the preview […]

Binary mode, AUX pin updates

There’s a new Bus Pirate v2.9 nightly that adds several small features and improvements. The primary binary mode now has commands to access the voltage probe and setup pulse-width modulation on the AUX pin. Binmode documentation is updated with these new commands. We also improved the code behind the frequency generator and frequency measurement features […]

Bus Pirate: Fast upgrades on slow chips

See the latest version in the documentation wiki. The individual PIC chip we used on the Bus Pirate v3 is among those that won’t bootload at 115200bps. Our upgrade recommendation until now has been to bootload firmware at 9600bps, or faster if your PIC will allow. After working with one of these ‘slow’ chips, we’ve […]

Bus Pirate firmware v2.1-RC2

We just uploaded Bus Pirate firmware v2.1 release candidate 2 for all hardware versions, including the first release for Bus Pirate v3. Since v2.1-RC1, we’ve combined the hardware and software I2C libraries. This applies the RC1 ACK/NACK management system to the hardware library without duplicating a bunch of code. Some have reported success using the […]