RIP: Easter Egg 4-28-2010 to 8-13-2010

Today is a sad day.. a very sad day..

With the release of firmware v5.6 we lost a beloved addition to the Bus Pirate: the new Easter egg. Starting in v5.0, including the first alpha release of the new terminal design, we included a new Easter egg. It was fun for us to write, and a pain to debug. Unfortunately it had to go to make space for new features…

Despite of the many hints, nobody has claimed the bounty for finding the Easter egg. Some came very close, but got lost in the internal dungeons of the Bus Pirate. The path to go north is closed for ever…

The good news is that the new firmware addresses some bugs, and hopefully we fixed them for good. We made improvements to the HiZ ‘safety’ mode, which is now really HiZ. In some corner cases the frequency generator or servo could be still active in after switching to HiZ mode. The help screen and the Bus Pirate wiki have also been updated with the new servo command.

What’s on your wishlist for release 5.7?

Get a Bus Pirate for $30, including worldwide shipping at Seeed Studio. Adafruit also has the Bus Pirate and probe cables in stock and ready to ship.

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  1. XYZZY…

    Enter I2C mode.
    Turn on the power.
    Turn on the pullups, and keep going north, read the 24LC I2C EEPROM.


    “go n”
    “go n”
    “go n”
    “go n”

    I love youz guys….

    1. I hope you enjoyed it and took a nice walk in the buspirate. We included it to make people aware they should use pullups on I2C.

      1. It was a huge hoot. I did enjoy it. Brought back some fine memories of weekends wasted in the original Adventure game, running in fortran of all things.

        Missed, initially, that it was only in rev 5. I had just got my board, and upgraded it to 4, and spent the morning trying to find it. Even built a PC Keyboardinterface to try typing in the old Zork commands to get the egg out of the tree. Wrong tree, in so many ways, but I learned a lot about the keyboard interface.

        Great fun! Is there one in the latest?

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