USB Infrared Toy firmware v23 test

A test version of firmware v23 for the USB Infrared Toy is available. JTR rewrote most of the code, and the result is over 50% smaller, simpler, and easier to debug. There are major improvements to sampling mode and SUMP logic analyzer mode.

The latest open source USB stack is included. Feed the cool breeze of open source USB!

As always there will be lots of little bugs. Any tests and reports are greatly appreciated! Update instructions are here.

  • Rewritten IR Sample mode should squash any remaining bugs with WinLIRC transmissions
  • Reworked SUMP logic analyzer mode samples longer and fast, it’s easier to capture long remote signals and visualize them in the logic analyzer
  • Hardened USB stack should work better than ever. Experimental support for suspend

You can get IR Toy v2 for $22.05, including world wide shipping.

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  1. i have successfully loaded the v23 firmware on several of my IR Toy (v2). it seems to work just fine with LIRC.

    one thing, though: the new code lacks the “Serial Number” attribute that is present in the v22 version.

    what i usually do is build a custom SerialNum version of the v22 firmware from source – one for each of my IR Toys, so that my Linux (debian) udev rules can react appropriately to which IR Toy(s) i plug in (or unplug).

    is there any possibility of adding the SerialNum back in to the V23 code? AND … any possibility of getting access to the v23 source so i could build custom versions with appropriate SerialNums?

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