USB Infrared Toy firmware v1.02

There’s a new firmware, hardware, and source archive for the USB Infrared Toy available for download here. This release includes a very minor firmware update, there’s no real compelling reason to upgrade:

  • USB device descriptor properly reports bus-powered device
  • Removed padding from manufacturer string in descriptor
  • Increased delay before and after self-test
  • Updated self-test version string (V102)

Upgrade instructions are in the USB Infrared Toy how-to.

The archive also includes the v1a schematic and circuit board. We swapped out the broken Eagle IR LED footprint and replaced it with a standard 5mm LED footprint to avoid confusion in the future. There’s also a few minor cosmetic and value updates.

The USB IR Toy is $20, including worldwide shipping. At the time of this post it’s on back order, but Seeed is testing the latest units now and they should ship any time. The latest batch of IR Toys have the LED correctly installed.

Image courtesy Seeed Studio.

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  1. Hi,
    Can you tell me if I can use this “USB Infrared Toy” to control some windowsXP-software through sending keystrokes on receiving a infrared remote control?

    I want to use my satelite-control to also control a multi-media windows XP computer.

    1. That would depend on the frequency that your sat-control transmits on. The USB-IT operates in a frequency (range) that the overwhelming majority of remote controls use, but there’s no guarantee that your remote uses the same.

      If your remote control can be used to control other things than just your sat box (like other A/V equipment), then chances are that it will work.

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