App note: USB Type C, CC Pin design considerations, high voltage design considerations for Type-C connector pins in systems supporting non-USB standard charging protocol and/or fault cases

Another app note from Fairchild Semiconductors on USB Type C to USB legacy design considerations. Link here (PDF) When designing hardware systems with type C connectors, a designer also has to consider all legacy, standard, and nonstandard specifications that exist in the USB connector eco system. With the introduction of the Type C connector and […]

App note: USB Type-C design considerations, USB Type-C adapters

Type-C USB cable adapter design consideration app note from Fairchild Semiconductors. Link here (PDF) USB is a ubiquitous connector that is used by many customers and in many different applications. With the official release of the USB Type-C connector, many companies are racing to implement this new connector and the supporting infrastructure. The early adopters […]

App note: Applications of zero voltage crossing optically isolated triac drivers

App note from Fairchild Semiconductors about their zero voltage crossing isolators. Link here (PDF) The zero-cross family of optically isolated triac drivers is an inexpensive, simple and effective solution for interface applications between low current dc control circuits such as logic gates and microprocessors and ac power loads (120, 240 or 380 volt, single or […]

App note: Heat sink mounting guide

Fairchild Semiconductor’s app note on proper heat sink mounting to achieve lower thermal resistance between the package and its heat sink. Link here (PDF) This document provides guidelines for mounting heat sinks for the proper thermal management of power semiconductor devices in field applications. This document describes heat sink mounting methods, considerations, contact thermal resistance, […]

App note: Understanding latch-up in advanced CMOS logic

Another old app note from Fairchild Semiconductor about CMOS latch-up. Link here (PDF!) Latch-up is a failure mechanism of CMOS integrated circuits characterized by excessive current drain coupled with functional failure, parametric failure and/or device destruction. It may be a temporary condition that terminates upon removal of the exciting stimulus, a catastrophic condition that requires […]

App note: Low drop out, phase margin, and stability

Old app note from Fairchild Semiconductor about external component effects on LDOs. Link here (PDF!) Low drop-out (LDO) regulators are one of the basic building blocks of most power supplies used in today’s electronics. Their ease of use, low cost, and small size makes them ideal in portable and handheld applications. They are available in […]

App note: Consideration of power MOSFETs in fast charger design

App note from Fairchild Semiconductors on power MOSFETs selection including thermal design and usage on fast chargers. Link here (PDF) The demand for battery capacitance up to 10,000mAh in mobile devices is steadily increasing as devices consume more power and offering more functionality. Large battery capacity provides longer battery run-time, but needs more time to […]

App note: Performance restrictions associated with 3.5 watts SO-8 power MOSFETs

Old app note from Fairchild Semiconductors on SO-8 power MOSFETs’ power handling. Link here In applications requiring high current and small footprint electronic switches, a Power MOSFET packaged in an SO-8 is usually the best choice. This is because the combination offers low on-resistance and reasonable power handling. A second benefit is the numerous suppliers […]

App note: Bi-directional translator architectures

Voltage translation app note from Fairchild Semiconductors, this app note include their auto bi-directional voltage translator that removes the burden of direction control. Link here (PDF) Voltage translators, or “level shifters” as they are sometimes called, allow the coupling of signals that do not share common VCC domains. For example, a signal generated from a […]

App note: Reset timers

Reset timers application note from Fairchild Semiconductors. Link here (PDF) As smart phones continually add functionality, it increases the likelihood of device lock up. This condition has been called the “White Screen of Death” which is a new take on the popular phrase used to describe Windows PCs after a system fault. Before the advent […]

App note: Live insertion using low voltage differential signaling

Hot swapping capability of LVDS, app note from Fairchild Semiconductor. Link here (PDF) Supporting live insertion or hot swapping is important in certain applications such as the ones used in telecommunications systems. These applications require maintenance, upgrades, and repairs to be conducted without shutting down the system or causing disruptions to traffic on the backplane. […]

App note: LVDS Fundamentals

Here’s an app note on LVDS from Fairchild Semiconductor. Link here (PDF) With the recent developments in the communications market, the demand for throughput is becoming increasingly more crucial. Although older differential technologies provide significant signal integrity benefits compared to single ended technologies, many of them consume much more power at lower throughput than LVDS. […]

Retro integrated circuit video

Here’s a half-hour video produced by Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation in 1967 describing the integrated circuit (IC), its design and development process, and giving examples of late 1960s uses of IC technology. Serves to provide some perspective on how the industry started, and how far we’ve come.