App note: Class D audio amplifier performance relationship to MOSFET parameters

Application note from International Rectifier on MOSFET paremeters to consider when designing a Class D audio amplifier. Link here (PDF) Class D audio amplifier is a switching amplifier that consists in a pulse width modulator (with switching frequency in order of several hundred kHz), a power bridge circuit and a low pass filter. This type […]

App note: Depletion-Mode power MOSFETs and applications

IXYS Corporation’s N-Channel power MOSFET selection and application. Link here (PDF) Applications like constant current sources, solid-state relays, telecom switches and high voltage DC lines in power systems require N-channel Depletion-mode power MOSFET that operates as a normally “on” switch when the gate-to-source voltage is zero (VGS=0V). This paper will describe IXYS latest N-Channel Depletion […]

App note: A practical look at current ratings

An app note from Alpha & Omega Semiconductors about proper way of evaluating MOSFET’s power handling capability based on how much loss it will generate based on the application conditions. Link here (PDF) System designers are often faced with the task of selecting the most suitable power device from a wide array of products from […]

App note: Consideration of power MOSFETs in fast charger design

App note from Fairchild Semiconductors on power MOSFETs selection including thermal design and usage on fast chargers. Link here (PDF) The demand for battery capacitance up to 10,000mAh in mobile devices is steadily increasing as devices consume more power and offering more functionality. Large battery capacity provides longer battery run-time, but needs more time to […]