App note: Safety considerations for Silicon Labs series capacitor isolators

Great in-depth about electronic isolators from Silicon Labs. Link here (PDF) Isolators are widely used in automotive, telecom, industrial, and medical applications to provide protection for people and/or equipment from high voltage hazards. The robustness of the isolator’s insulation, or “isolation barrier”, over the operating life of the equipment is key to ensuring safety against […]

App note: Applications of zero voltage crossing optically isolated triac drivers

App note from Fairchild Semiconductors about their zero voltage crossing isolators. Link here (PDF) The zero-cross family of optically isolated triac drivers is an inexpensive, simple and effective solution for interface applications between low current dc control circuits such as logic gates and microprocessors and ac power loads (120, 240 or 380 volt, single or […]

App note: Isolator vs. optocoupler technology

Great read from Silicon Labs on comparison of isolation technologies namely optocouplers and digital isolators. Link is here Optocouplers have been the unchallenged signal isolation solution for more than four decades, but digital isolators fabricated in complementary metallic oxide semiconductor (CMOS) process technology are gaining favor in the design community because of their superior performance, […]