App note: Forced air convection and heat sinking for power supplies

Application note from Aimtec discusses about two ways for taking away heat on power supplies. Link here When evaluating the operating temperature ranges of power supplies one must consult component’s datasheets. Datasheets state a “usable” operating temperature range typically given at full output load. In order to reach the upper limit of the temperature ranges […]

App note: Designing P.C. Board heat sinks

Application hint from Micrel on how to do baseline calculation on board area required as heatsink for SMD components. Link here (PDF) System designers increasingly face the restriction of using all surface-mounted components in their new designs; even including the power components. Through-hole components can dissipate excess heat with clip-on or bolt-on heat sinks keeping […]

App note: Heatsink characteristics

Application note from International Rectifier on various method for thermal management. Link here (PDF) In many electronic applications, temperature becomes an important factor when designing a system. Switching and conduction losses can heat up the silicon of the device above its maximum Junction Temperature (Tjmax) and cause performance failure, breakdown and worst case, fire. Therefore […]

App note: Heat sink mounting guide

Fairchild Semiconductor’s app note on proper heat sink mounting to achieve lower thermal resistance between the package and its heat sink. Link here (PDF) This document provides guidelines for mounting heat sinks for the proper thermal management of power semiconductor devices in field applications. This document describes heat sink mounting methods, considerations, contact thermal resistance, […]

App note: Understanding thermal dissipation and design of a heat sink

Application report from Texas Instruments on heatsink designs. Link here (PDF) Power dissipation performance must be well understood prior to integrating devices on a printed-circuit board (PCB) to ensure that any given device is operated within its defined temperature limits. When a device is running, it consumes electrical energy that is transformed into heat. Most […]

Step by step heat sink analysis

Schazamp does a step by step heat sink analysis for the Schazamplifier: I’d like to understand thermal design enough to figure out what kind of heat sink this device requires and determine with some level of confidence whether a particular enclosure design will function to dissipate heat adequately for the amplifier. Feedback is appreciated. Via […]