App note: A closer look at LVDS technology

A general overview of Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) from Diodes incorporated. Link here (PDF) With the increase in demand for high throughputs, current technologies are becoming less efficient. Data transmission devices like RS-422, RS-485, SCSI and other devices are limited in data rate and power dissipation. With LVDS, data rate has increased tremendously to […]

App note: Live insertion using low voltage differential signaling

Hot swapping capability of LVDS, app note from Fairchild Semiconductor. Link here (PDF) Supporting live insertion or hot swapping is important in certain applications such as the ones used in telecommunications systems. These applications require maintenance, upgrades, and repairs to be conducted without shutting down the system or causing disruptions to traffic on the backplane. […]

App note: LVDS Fundamentals

Here’s an app note on LVDS from Fairchild Semiconductor. Link here (PDF) With the recent developments in the communications market, the demand for throughput is becoming increasingly more crucial. Although older differential technologies provide significant signal integrity benefits compared to single ended technologies, many of them consume much more power at lower throughput than LVDS. […]