QuickPSoC3 v2 – PSOC3 mini development board

Kartik revised his EzPSoC3 board into the new quick QuickPSoC3. These boards are mini development platforms for PSoC3 system-on-chip ICs from Cypress. Here is a list of features on the new board:

  • Longer pads(almost 3x) so it makes soldering the SSOP part easier for beginners.
  • Widened power tracks to 70mils
  • Arranged pins(see top-left) such that the miniprog3 can be directly plugged in,making programming easier
  • The miniusb connector now is the variant without the plastic pegs beneath.
  • Added one user programmable LED(in 1206) and push button switch.
  • I’m not using the sparkfun library anymore,since many users complained their pads are too small to solder stuff comfortably.
  • Another point is that the SMD passives can be easily replaced by their through hole variants,and can be made 100% through hole,excluding of course the chip itself.

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  1. Still there’s a little problem if the board (as layout above) is etched in home.
    In the ground plane, the capacitor, buttons, etc doesn’t have spacing between the pad and plane.
    It’s recommended to have a round spacing with disconnections every 75 degrees and connections of 15 degrees following that.
    In this above layout, soldering homemade board (which obviously will be missing solder stop or soldermask) the heat and the solder will flow to the ground plane and make soldering difficult and will require a large iron to solder properly with much heat.

      1. that a simple augment, you just right click on the ground plane highlight and check the thermals box.

      2. Hey guys,thanks for posting this up on DP! Feels great!
        I didnt keep thermals just as a simple yes/no choice.I am able to solder stuff easily with my cheap 25W iron just as easily with/without the thermals.

      1. Wanted to try that neat trick that Filip mentioned with the ground plain for easier soldering. I’m having that exact problem with a makerbot stepper motor controller board! The designer did not take into account someone hand soldering the stepper controller ship. I wanted to try out that technique but don’t have a brd handy with a larger ground plain on it.

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