Cypress PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit Smarter Life Challenge

Cypress Semiconductor and element14 are sponsoring the PSoC 4 Smarter Life Design Challenge. The contest will seek applicants to be one of ten RoadTest challenge competitors who will build “Smarter Life” projects to enhance their home, office and / or car using the PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit. Each competitor will also receive $500 budget to purchase additional components to help reach their goals and a 12 month license for CadSoft Eagle Pro.

The competition will run from October 28, 2013 through January 17, 2014. Competitors will be judged on their creative fulfilment of the challenge and by the quality of media produced during the course of their projects: blog posts, videos and designs, all of which will be posted on element14’s Cypress PSoC 4 Pioneer Kit group.

Visit the element14 contest page for project rules, prizes and project ideas.

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  1. No, there isn’t. Its still Windows only, so you would need VmWare or VirtualBox (Wine or Crossover don’t work)

    1. @hli: Are you sure Wine doesn’t? Did you really tried command-line compilers which drive the bits around, not the GUI crap-shell?

  2. Ok, just to confirm, anything relevant under “PSoC Creator/2.2/PSoC Creator/bin/” & “PSoC Creator/2.2/PSoC Creator/warp/bin/” (VHDL/Verilog compilers, placement tools, etc.) run under wine just fine. Granted, it would be hard to create project from scratch, but creating first one in IDE, then converting it to decent makefiles, then writing installer script (download/extract) for psoc creator would make pretty good Linux-friendly toolchain and template project.

  3. The tests I did ended when even the installer would not run to completion… But IMHO just having the command line tool (“cyfitter”) is not really usefull. Its the work on the schematic which is most useful to me. For working on the source code itself, Creator 3.0 supports now export to Eclipse.

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