PSoC3 custom board

Posted on Sunday, October 30th, 2011 in dev boards by DP

Kmmankad is working on a development board for the PSoC3 chip. The PSoC3 is a mixed signal system on a chip developed by Cypress. Because he found the PSoC3 First Touch Kit too constricting, and the DVK kit to cumbersome and costly, he decided to build his own. It is designed to open source hardware so all the PCB and schematic files will be made available.

Via the forum.

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  1. willemite says:

    fantastic, I totally agree with the reasoning. I wish the PSoC5 would come out soon. I’ve been trying to use the first touch kit and wanted to implement a RTC, but the only pins usable for the watch crystal were mapped to something different on the board and I could not use them! I’ve been searching high and low for a breakout board, glad you pointed me to this one.
    One of the things I like the most about the psoc5 (3) is the ability to just add clocks and components to test a design internally, its like having a breadboard internal to the chip, and it makes it fantastic to work with. The learning curve was a bit odd at first, but its so easy to use peripherals once I figured it out that its totally worth it.
    thanks for the pointer

  2. I totally agree! I love the Graphical drag-n-drop Top Design view in PSoC Creator.Thats something that other MCU users are missing out on :P

  3. kmmankad says:

    To those unfamiliar with the psoc,heres a shot of the complete component catalog,so you can really see what it can do.

    Cypress PSoC3,5 Component Catalog

  4. Willemite says:

    they’ve added a couple more components in version 2 of their IDE too. I love the switch debounce (implemented in hardware).
    Its really nifty to be able to change all the mundane parameters in a GUI schematic diagram — for example no worrying about what register to write to in order to change that SPI mode to 9 bits with clock high preceding)

  5. rb says:

    for a cheap PSoC3/5 programmer I used a $15 CY7C68013A dev board from eBay as it’s what’s used in the official programmer. the CY7C68013A can be self programmed so you don’t need anything else.

    if you look at the circuit from cypress for their FirstTouch kit you can see which pins they use for the SWD interface. program your dev board with the correct USB ID (check the .inf in the IDE folder) and the IDE will automatically upload the programmer firmware to it

    • kmmankad says:

      Yeah,thats a good idea.Do document this process here on the forums or on your own blog/website,if you can.That’d be great :)

    • Willemite says:

      I would love to hear the specifics. From what I understand so far I need to find:
      the USB ID for the current firsttouch (or other dev kit) that is in the .inf file
      configure that into the CY7C68013A dev board by using something like the EZ-USB Control Panel?
      oh, and make sure the pins connected are the same between the EZUSB (CY7C68013A ) and the PSoc3/5
      This removes the last hurdle for me to using these chips more. I know its silly but having to get a miniprog has been stalling me.

    • Zeta says:

      I was thinking about it too, but didn’t had the time to try it out. Great to have confirmation of this working.

      This EZ-USB chips are great. Unfortunately, I have run out of FX2 chips. I have some FX1 on my parts bin so I’ll try. maybe, just maybe it works xD.

  6. rb says:

    I don’t remember the exact steps to configure the FX2 sorry but the correct USB ID is:


    And these are the pins:

    PB2 XRES

    • willemite says:

      thanks, I will give it a whirl as soon as my FX2 arrives from across the oceans.

    • rb says:

      made a mistake – that USB ID was for after the FX2 was configured by the programmer utility, the unconfigured ID is 04B4:F119

      if you download the FX2 tools from Cypress you can use the CyConsole program to change EEPROM

  7. Willemite says:

    Do you want to put mounting holes into the board for standoffs or what not?

  8. kmmankad says:

    Yeah,I missed that.I’ll add that in the first proper working version(after the prototype) along with another batch of changes I’ve noted down.

  9. Archimedes says:

    Hey have you guys looked at the new Development kit the guys at cypress are bringing out. Its called the Cy8CKit-030. It has a complete development platform for PsoC3. A PCB design fit for precision analog that Cypress so much boasts and then ther is some proto area for people like us. It also has an onboard programmer with Fx2LP based method that you guys mentioned.
    It might stil be priced a bit higher at $100 but definetely better than thier initial dev kit of $250.

    • kmmankad says:

      yep,I have used it,and boy,is the analog signal solid or what! (thats cuz they’ve devoted an entire layer in the 4 layer design to the ground plane,and pulled the analog traces smartly away from the digital side.Also,there is a separate voltage regulator for the analog power rails of the chip. )Bad ass stuff.

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