Bounty: Add Bus Pirate support to OpenOCD JTAG programmer


We’re offering a bounty on the most-requested Bus Pirate features. The developer of each feature can have their choice of a Bus Pirate probe cable kit or our next monthly project.

Today we’re highlighting JTAG. It would be ideal to have Bus Pirate support in the popular open source JTAG programmer OpenOCD, but other solutions are also fine. It should be possible to adapt an existing parallel port or FTDI232 JTAG wiggler mode to flip bits in a byte and send it to the Bus Pirate bitbang binary mode. We could also develop a separate binary JTAG library if requested.

A JTAG programmer that supports the Bus Pirate is currently the most-requested feature addition. Early firmwares had a terminal-based XSFV programmer from Xilinx, but it required specially compiled XSFV programming files and funky flow control.

Firmware v2.x removed the XSFV programmer, but added a new binary access mode that can be used with PC-based JTAG programmers. This is a much better solution because it lets the PC do any heavy lifting, the Bus Pirate simply twiddles pins.

Thanks to bluesign2k for the unboxing picture.

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