Bounty on Bus Pirate high-priority features


Here’s a list of high-priority Bus Pirate features based on your feedback. We’re putting a bounty on these items to encourage new developers to get involved. The developer of each feature can have their choice of a Bus Pirate probe cable kit or our next monthly project.

  1. JTAG programming with OpenOCD. It should be possible to adapt an existing parallel port or FTDI232 JTAG wiggler, preferably OpenOCD, to flip bits in a byte and send it to the bitbang binary mode. We could also develop a separate binary JTAG library if requested.
  2. UART baud rate detect. A new macro for the UART library that detects baud rate using something like this.
  3. Binary mode access to the I2C sniffer for better speed. This should incorporate a simple escape sequence for control characters like start, stop, ACK, and NACK. Solution submitted, that was fast!
  4. Stepper motor driver and servo driver. The stepper motor driver will be easy, and we have a driver board in development. The servo driver will be harder simple because we don’t have any servos to test. Not sure where to put these, perhaps in an ‘extras’ library.

Some rules, so there’s no hard feelings later:

  • Limited to one bounty per feature.
  • It’s a good idea to coordinate development in the forum.
  • The offer is valid though the end of November 2009, but we’ll try to be flexible.

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