Homemade Bus Pirate and AVR-based PIC24F programmer

Josef built this homemade version of the Bus Pirate. Unfortunately he didn’t have a programer to upload the firmware, so being a good hacker he designed and built his own. The programer is AVR based and uses a MAX232 IC to interface with the computer. He promised to post the AVR firmware, and the programing […]

mikroProg PIC programmer/ICD

mikroProg is a fast USB 2.0 programmer with mikroICD hardware In-Circuit Debugger. Smart engineering allows mikroProg to support PIC10, PIC12, PIC16, PIC18, dsPIC30/33, PIC24 and PIC32 devices in a single programmer! It supports 570 microcontrollers from Microchip. Outstanding performance, easy operation and elegant design will blow your mind. mikroProg lists for $99 plus shipping and […]

Open Logic Sniffer bootloader rescue

Some Logic Sniffers shipped without a bootloader, and will require a firmware flash before USB upgrades are possible. This post describes how to program the OLS bootloader using a Bus Pirate. It’s also possible to program the bootloader with a PIC programmer like a PICkit or ICD2. If you don’t have a Bus Pirate or […]

Bus Pirate firmware v4.5

Firmware v4.5 for the Bus Pirate can be downloaded here. Changes include: New binary rawwire command for PIC programmer (Logic Sniffer rescue) OpenOCD support (may have been missing from v4.2) Fix to terminal input parser accepting out-of-range characters bug Other minor fixes This will be the last v4 release. The next release will be v5.0 […]

C programmer needed for PIC support!

We’re looking for a C programmer who can add serial port output to usbpicprog. It’s all that stands in the way of bringing PIC 12F/16F/18F/ds30 programming to the Bus Pirate*. usbpicprog is an open source multi-platform programmer that uses wxWidgets toolkit and libusb. It currently sends byte commands to a USB HID driver. Your goal, […]

Bus Pirate PIC programmer?

Last week we made the Bus Pirate into an AVR STK500v2 compatible programmer by porting some existing open source code. Now we’re looking for a similar code-base that programs PIC microcontrollers. The PIC programmer landscape is a bit sketchy. As we understand, it’s not feasible to impersonate an existing programmer interface like the PICKIT2 or […]