Write an app, get a SUMP PUMP

We’ve been working on an open source logic analyzer prototype with Jack Gassett of the Gadget Factory. The project is currently known by the code name ‘SUMP-PUMP’, but you can help suggest a name. The design incorporates elements of the Butterfly platform, which is available now at the Gadget Factory.

Update: Michal Demin completed this challenge in less than 24hours. Congratulations!

Here’s your chance to get a SUMP PUMP for free, maybe even a preview unit. We need command line utilities to update the SUMP PUMP FPGA image from Windows, Mac, and Linux. We’re currently using a Perl script, but this is too much hassle for end users. If you develop the best console update utility, we’ll send you the SUMP PUMP hardware.

The update is done over a virtual serial port using a simple protocol. Ideally, the utility would load Intel HEX files directly, but we have raw binary blobs too. The utility must compile on all major platforms (Windows, MacOSX, and Linux). Piotr’s Pirate-Loader utility source code should have everything you need to get started. Here’s a development thread in the forum.

The winning entry should:

  • Run as a native console application (not scripted, no .Net/Mono)
  • Compile on Windows, Linux, Mac, and include these compiles
  • Be released under an open source license, preferably CC-BY-SA or GPL
  • Work in our tests

C code is preferred by not required. We’ll leave this open until a satisfactory solution is submitted. In the case of multiple entries, we’ll choose one based on compliance with the criteria and possibly a vote.

[Image by Jack Gassett]

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