C programmer needed for PIC support!

We’re looking for a C programmer who can add serial port output to usbpicprog. It’s all that stands in the way of bringing PIC 12F/16F/18F/ds30 programming to the Bus Pirate*.

usbpicprog is an open source multi-platform programmer that uses wxWidgets toolkit and libusb. It currently sends byte commands to a USB HID driver. Your goal, should you accept it, is to send output to a serial port instead.

We’ll send the author a PIC programming charge pump accessory board, and another Bus Pirate goodie that’s not yet public.

*You’ll need a 13volt supply and simple switch too, we’ll release a few simple circuits that will work.

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  1. Hi, I think it’s a good idea to create a fork of usbpicprog which supports the serial port. (Not even such a big issue I guess)
    Maybe we can share code so that it will be possible to program avr’s as well with usbpicprog!

  2. What’s the deadline? I think it’s a fairly easy task and you could easily go without the HW if there is anyone who could test it on daily basis.

  3. Hi Frans, thanks for joining us. Your project is great, thank you for all the hard work.

    I’d be happy to help you port the AVR programmer firmware, there’s only a few defines and registers to change. As you said on the survey page, it would only take one extra pin from the ICSP header to adapt your hardware.

    The Bus Pirate is 3.3volts, so 24F/ds33/18FxxJxx programming should all be possible. I’d like to add the firmware side of that after the other part is working.

    @pppd – No deadline, whenever it’s done. I’d do it myself, and eventually will if no one else does, but I’m not a PC-side programmer. I’m all set up for microcontroller development, but in cross-platform PC software I’m totally lost.

  4. If nobody starts working on this until late December/January please let me know and I think I could do it. I’m graduating from college now and I have lots of other stuff to do that’s why I can’t start working on it immediately.

  5. I’ve actually added serial support to it already, but instead of making a fork I think it will be better to add a way to switch between USB and serial interfaces. I’ve done all the “splitting” of the code for both interfaces and added a gui switch to choose interfaces. As soon as I finish, i’ll post a patch against SVN.

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