Andruino: A simple 2-way bluetooth-based Android controller for Arduino

TechBitar wrote this Instructable detailing his ANDRUINO,  the 2-way Android controller for Arduino via bluetooth: ANDRUINO is a simple tool to help you control your Arduino (or clone) from your Android phone. It’s both an Android app and an Arduino program. Andruino has a simple Android user interface to 1) control Arduino’s digital and PWM […]

HackManhattan’s Nordic nRF51822 breakout board

Guan Yang of HackManhattan informs us of his efforts in working with a Bluetooth low energy component: This amazing component is the Nordic nRF51822 that was released last year and is now available for order from Mouser. It’s a Bluetooth Low Energy system-on-chip that includes a transceiver and a Cortex-M0 microcontroller. Here’s a breakout board […]

Controlling Arduino via Android mobile device

Kerimil over at Arduino forum posted this simple how to on controlling an Arduino board with an Android mobile device. He describes, “The circuit is just a Bluetooth module, Arduino UNO, LED, resistor and some wires. The LED can be switched on using buttons as well as voice activation (anything that contains the word ‘on’,’off’ […]

DIY BT mouse using resistive touch screen

Vinod S acquired some resistive touchpads and decided to interface one with a Bluetooth module so it would function as a wireless computer mouse. He explains, “I have used a cheap ATtiny13 (8 pin) microcontroller which runs at internal 9.6MHz clock. It samples two channel analog voltage from the touchpad. One of the GPIO pin […]

TI Bluetooth SensorTag kit

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player TI has announced the availability of their Bluetooth low energy SensorTag kit. With a downloadable SensorTag App and sample applications, the kit removes the barriers to entry for smartphone app developers who want to take advantage of the growing number of Bluetooth low energy-enabled smartphones and tablets. The kit lists […]

Bluetooth controlled RGB LED strip

Hmms shared his Bluetooth controlled RGB LED strip project. Atmega8 microcontroller with the Arduino bootloader controls the LEDs, while the Bluetooth communication is handled via a cheap serial to Bluetooth module. I wanted the strip to be Controllable via a PC or a Mobile Phone.So I decided to make my own RGB LED strip Controller […]

Open source Bluetooth module firmware

Paul Sokolovsky developed a proof-of-concept open source firmware for common Bluetooth modules based on the CSR BlueCore4 cheapset. “BlueCore4-Ext is a popular Bluetooth chip used in many Bluetooth modules, some priced below $10. The idea is to create Wireless Sensor/Control Network using these modules, as Bluetooth is really ubiquitous technology nowadays, so any smartphone can […]

Bathroom scale with Bluetooth and an Android weigh chart app

Casai modified a bathroom scale to send his weight info to an Android app through Bluetooth. He documented his built, and released the firmware, as well as the mods he made to the open source Weight Chart app. The scale uses an ARM LPC2103 microcontroller and a serial Bluetooth module to communicate with a Android […]

DimBlue – USB controllable 16 channel light dimmer

Matseng designed DimBlue, an ATmega32u4 based USB controllable 16 channel light dimmer. Triacs which dim the lights are optoisolated from mains to provide protection from high voltages. The board is powered from mains voltage, via a PCB mounted transformer. As an added bonus, the board has a footprint for a serial Bluetooth module, giving it […]

DeepSec 2011: intelligent Bluetooth fuzzing – why bother?

Security researchers Tommi Mäkilä and Jukka Taimisto of Codenomicon gave this presentation at the DeepSec 2011 conference discussing ways to sensibly test Bluetooth stacks. Their talk presents the number of ways in which Bluetooth attacks have been attempted with varying degrees of success. They also present a discussion on fuzzing techniques and creating intelligent fuzzers […]

BTSwitch project controls devices with Android smartphone

Luca Dentella writes, “Hello! I’ve just published my latest project, an Arduino-based bluetooth switch you can control via Android App.” The design uses an Android smartphone app which communicates via Bluetooth with a Bluegiga WT11 module, which in turn communicates with an Arduino controlling a relay switch. Luca’s plans and code are available on his […]

2011 DCC: Bluetooth for microcontrollers

This talk from the 2011 DCC conference held in Baltimore, MD, last September, covers the basics of using Bluetooth in microcontroller circuits. The presenter is John A. Hansen, amateur radio licensee W2FS, and is the developer of commercial amateur radio digital products with his TNC-X company. If nothing else, you’ll find out how Bluetooth got […]

LED covered ball with mic, Bluetooth, and an accelometer

Charlie built a ball covered with LEDs, unfortunately he didn’t leave much information about his project. What we do know is that it features a mic, Bluetooth, accelerometer to control the LEDs. It also has a built in rechargeable battery. We invite him to share more information about his project. Via the forum.

IOIO andriod development board gets bluetooth support

Ytai demoed an IOIO android development board over Bluetooth. Connect the board to your Android enabled device and control various IO pins on the board: IOIO is a board providing I/O connectivity for Android. Until recently it would use a USB connection for communicate with Android. Yesterday, I announced Bluetooth support, which is achieved by plugging any […]