ATtiny LED driver for an RC car update

joeforker posted an update on his ATtiny LED driver for an RC car we covered previously: This board delivers 100mA through 2 series-wired LEDs like a champ, powered by a 2S LiPo. Night drives are looking bright. The glaringly bright uncomfortable-coming-straight-towards-you high beam look has been achieved. :-) As usual, mistakes were made. The through hole components […]

CxemCAR 2 – Android controlled RC car with video, Bluetooth, WiFi

Johnik has developed the CxemCAR2 project for controlling an RC car using WiFi and Bluetooth. “On the Internet there are many articles on the use of RC cars with IP or Web-based camera. But most of them used a laptop or an internal router with Open-WRT or DD-WRT firmware. Viewing of the video and control […]