App note: Creating Bluetooth low energy applications using nRF51822

An application note from Nordic Semiconductor on creating you own BLE application using their nRF51822 chip. Link here This application note is intended for anyone who would like to begin programming Bluetooth low energy (BLE) applications on nRF51822. It consists of a general overview of BLE functionality and is followed by a description of a […]

HackManhattan’s Nordic nRF51822 breakout board

Guan Yang of HackManhattan informs us of his efforts in working with a Bluetooth low energy component: This amazing component is the Nordic nRF51822 that was released last year and is now available for order from Mouser. It’s a Bluetooth Low Energy system-on-chip that includes a transceiver and a Cortex-M0 microcontroller. Here’s a breakout board […]