CxemCAR 2 – Android controlled RC car with video, Bluetooth, WiFi

Johnik has developed the CxemCAR2 project for controlling an RC car using WiFi and Bluetooth. “On the Internet there are many articles on the use of RC cars with IP or Web-based camera. But most of them used a laptop or an internal router with Open-WRT or DD-WRT firmware. Viewing of the video and control of the RC car in such projects is usually implemented with a PC or Laptop. This article describes the control of the crawler platform from any Android-device (tablet, smart phone, etc.), as well as allowing for viewing real-time video and rotation control pan/tilt of IP-Camera. All hardware has remained virtually unchanged in the first project CxemCAR, with changes were made to allow the Android-applications to work with the Wi-Fi IP camera.

The project is built on the Arduino, and control of the car is via a Bluetooth channel. For the IP camera I used the popular model Foscam FI8918 ($80-100).”

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