Controlling Arduino via Android mobile device

Posted on Saturday, February 16th, 2013 in Android, Arduino, how-to, wireless by the machinegeek

Kerimil over at Arduino forum posted this simple how to on controlling an Arduino board with an Android mobile device. He describes, “The circuit is just a Bluetooth module, Arduino UNO, LED, resistor and some wires. The LED can be switched on using buttons as well as voice activation (anything that contains the word ‘on’,’off’ or ‘blink’ – so saying ‘turn the LED on’ works as well as just uttering ‘on’). I created the app using MIT app inventor and this project was created pretty much only to show how easy it is to write custom apps using the tool and interface with microcontrollers in this manner. One could use MIT app inventor to add more more features, such as using accelerometer or GPS data to control the LED, switching the state using text messages, web communication, not only send but also receive data, etc. …well the point is – MIT app inventor is pretty cool and you should check it out.”

Via the contact form.

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