MicroSD card module from EmbeddedMarket review

Here is a review of the MicroSD card module that is sold through the Indian online store EmbeddedMarket. The board is well designed, and is capable of both 3.3v and 5v interfacing. End Verdict: I have successfully used this without any hitches with a PSoC3 board of mine(post on that soon!),and I am happy(except for […]

Save to a microSD cards with simple serial protocol

This is a UART driven microSD module that supports cards with up to 2 GB of storage. It stores data using the FAT16 file system, so any computer can read and write files to the cards too. It’s controlled with simple serial commands from a microcontroller. Most micro-controllers have small and limited on-chip memory. For […]

Gravitech microSD board in custom case

jbeale made a custom case for Gravitech’s microSD boards: That is a real, custom SLA (stereo-lithography) case that was fabricated for a prototype at work- they had the budget for it. It is like the 3D printed things made by a “reprap” type printer, except with finer resolution (I think the layers are each only […]

Comparing Adafruit and Gravitech microSD boards

jbeale compared the Adafruit and Gravitech’s microSD boards: The shape is a bit different, but both boards work as intended. Both have LEDs, but the Gravitech LED is on whenever a card is inserted (I think using the socket’s mechanical card detect switch) and the Adafruit LED blinks while data is transferred to/from the card, […]

Play WAV audio files with AD5330 and Arduino

SparkFun has a tutorial about playing WAV files with an 8-bit AD5330 Digital Analog Converter (DAC). The AD5330 has an 8-bit parallel interface and operates from 2.5v to 5.5v. SparkFun uses an Arduino, micro SD shield, and AD5330 breakout board to play WAV files. The Arduino reads uncompressed WAV files from a FAT formatted SD […]