I just donated to Open Hardware Summit, did you?

This is our fourth year sponsoring the Open Hardware Summit happening September 6, 2013 at MIT.  You can be a sponsor too: The summit relies on forward-thinking donors to help cover costs of venue, catering, multimedia and more, so that we can keep ticket prices low, and ensure that we can offer a truly open, accessible […]

Open 7400 prize: Ethernet+CAN Evaluation kit and Stellaris LM4F120 Launchpad

Stellarisiti forum tossed in 2 EKT-LM3S8962 Ethernet+CAN Evaluation kits with 128*96 OLED display and 1 Stellaris LM4F120 Launchpad (Releases September 25th) for the Open 7400 Competition.  Get your entry in and this and other cool hardware can be yours. The Stellaris LM3S8962 Evaluation Kit provides a compact and versatile evaluation platform for Ethernet + CAN enabled Stellaris […]

Open 7400 Logic competition: new sponsor Electronics-lab.com

Electronics-Lab.com has sponsord the Open 7400 Logic Competition, here is a list of what is being added to the prize pool. uOLED-32028-P1T graphics display module + P1-EB expansion module + uDrive-USB-G1 SD module + uUSB-CE5 module + 64MB microSD card + adapter BOOK: Programming & Customizing PICmicro Microcontrollers – Myke Predko BOOK: Switchmode Power Supply […]

New open 7400 competition sponsor: Freetronics

Freetronics has upped the ante for the Open 7400 Logic Competition by donating Two prize packages. EtherTen, LCD & Keypad Shield and a Terminal Shield USBDroid, LCD & Keypad Shield and a ProtoShield Pro Get your entry in and this and other cool hardware can be yours. There’s still time to become a sponsor of […]

New 7400 Competition sponsor: 43Oh forum

The 43Oh forum has donated 2 EZ430-F2013 USB Stick Development tools and 1 EZ430-2500 Wireless Development tool to the Open 7400 Competition. Get your entry in and this and other cool hardware can be yours. There’s still time to become a sponsor of the most logical contest ever, just drop us line via the contact […]

New Open 7400 Logic Competition sponsor: Adafruit Industries

Adafruit Industries is the latest sponsor of the Open 7400 Competition. Up for grabs is one of their new microtouch AVR development board. this and other prizes could be yours, but only if you get your entry in!

New 7400 Competition sponsor: Tincantools

We are thrilled to announce that Tincantools has sponsored the Open 7400 Competition. they have graciously added the folowing to our pool of prizes. BeagleBoard plus a Trainer Flyswatter JTAG debugger DSO Nano V2 Digital Soldering Station Get your entry in and these and other cool hardware can be yours.

Sponsor the Open Source Hardware Summit – we just did!

Open Hardware Summit 2011 is now open for sponsors. We’re in at the supporter level. We are huge fans of the OHS. Being a sponsor was our only advertising effort last year. But wow, did it get a lot more expensive, commercial, and corporate this year! Last year we though it was so cool that […]