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Adafruit took pity on us and shared some valuable web hosting experience:

After hearing about Dangerous Prototype’s search&move to a new hosting provider, we thought we’d post up about our hosting experiences! We currently use ServInt for our hosting provider. They’re what we would classify as a ‘full service’ provider. Basically they own the computer, the pipe and do all the management including backups. We get root shell access and install whatever we’d like. When we have any problems (including stuff like upgrading software or installing something) we open up a ticket.

We push over a terabyte a month, running our shop, hosting files, videos and tutorials and its been pretty much flawless. We started with the low cost VPS service and did that for a few years, now we have a dedicated server and its managed to live through many ‘slashdottings’ with no problems. We’re still wary of ‘cloud’ services – our needs are pretty consistant so we’d rather have a single server that can provide for our needs. If our traffic increases dramatically we may move to a cloud service for image or video caching, we’ve done that before when were were on a constrained provider and that helped us keep transfer costs down.

Great advice. We also swore never to get involved in the DIY server game, but ended up there anyways. More one why this happened, and the current state of the site, tomorrow.

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  1. My view is that people should start with a VPS on something like Linode. (Which is of course what I did). This is a lot of work to start with, but when the site grows you can grow also, and you don’t have to hit the pause button when you outgrow a manged hosting solution.

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