GRACE: TI’s MSP430 graphical peripheral config tool

video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player TI has released GRACE , a graphical configuration tool for MSP430 and Launchpad developers for setting up integrated peripherals such as ADCs, OpAmps, Timers, Clocks, and other modules. This tool is a free and open source, eclipse-based plug-in for Code Composer Studio. Code Composer Studio v4.2.0.11017 is required for the […]

Arduino realtime audio spectrum analyzer

Paul Bishop has posted source code and the schematic for an audio spectrum analyzer based on the Atmega328/Arduino. The design takes input from a simple electret microphone, amplifies it through a transistor fed into the Arduino’s ADC input pin. The Arduino outputs video of  a 64 band audio spectrum analyzer through two external resistors which […]

TinyG G-code motor controller

TinyG is a multi-axis motor controller for DIY CNC machines. Most CNC controllers receive instructions from a PC, but the TinyG executes G-code directly. By running the Gcode interpreter directly on the chip it avoids the expense and problems of trying to precisely control step timing with a general purpose computer that has other things […]

DesignSpark freeware PCB design

We’ve been meaning to check out DesignSpark. Free from practical constraints on board size, pin counts, layers and output types… Multi-page schematic designs are supported…. supports the importing of Eagle design files and libraries… It’s not open source, but it could potentially be a favorable closed-ware alternative to Eagle. Eagles’s board size limits don’t usually […]

PCB etching tutorial

Instructables user ArduinoFun shows how to etch PCBs at home using a positive photo-resist. This method involves printing the PCB design on an inkjet transparency, exposing it under a UV light, developing in a basic solution, then etching in an acid. Do you etch your own PCBs? What methods have you tried? This is exactly […]