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  1. wow, nice stuff. woudn’t that be a nice project for dangerous + seeed? But they’d need to use high quality components (the right capacitors and a 10ppm or better oscillator) to make it good.

  2. I’m building this project right now, haven’t get it to work yet, the readout oscillates a lot.
    Has anybody succeed in getting this to work reliable?

    1. I took again this project during the week. It’s working now.
      Had a bad relay.
      Must say that I’m really impressed with the precision, and the range is just what my off the shelf LC meter cannot read.
      It’s a great tool to build.

  3. dear sir,
    i am final year student and i need the working of LC meter and internal circuit can you help me????????

    1. have you found any help ? because i’m in your shoes right now :p i am a final year student and i need the C source code to work on it

  4. dear widd;
    I’m sorry to say that after searching for month’s, I never did find either a source code or hex file for this project. I believe that they want to force you to buy their product, Sincre then I have constructed several from the internet with varying degrees of success. None of which I would advice without a good pcb. Breadboarding just seems to bring in to much interference.
    Sorry, I couldn’t be more help.
    P.S. If you find one that works well, let me know. I have about 4 or 5 that don’t.

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