3D Model: ATX Breakout Board v1.1 Sick of Beige case

Today’s 3D model is the Sick of Beige case for the ATX Breakout Board v1.1. This board recycles an old computer PSU into a handy bench tool with 3.3/5/12/-12 volt supplies. The case uses¬† 8x8mm standoffs and some bolts to hold together the 2 laser cut acrylic sheets. Expect it in production soon. Check out […]

Workshop Update for July 26th, 2012

Releasing the Sick of Beige standard PCB template and cases dominated the day. We made a video about it, showed off the standard PCB library, and presented the two initial SoB v1 case designs. As a demo project for the Sick of Beige cases, toady we designed 2 protoboards on DP6037¬† (60mmx37mm) standard PCBs. One […]