Official DEFCON 20 badges on sale

A limited number of DEFCON 20 “Human” badges are available from HackerStickers. The badges, described in an earlier post, are essentially a Parallax Propeller dev board and are being offered for $40 (plus shipping.) Each badge comes with 6 batteries, 2 PS/2 connectors, and 1 VGA Connector. These are the same badges given to attendees […]

PropProgTH standalone Propeller programmer

If you’re into the Parallax Propeller and are interested in a standalone programmer, here’s a project for you. Known as the PropProgTH it uses the Propeller to take a stored program and load it onto another Propeller. Storage of the program is either in an optional micro-SD card adapter or by uploading the files needed […]

PropForth 5.0 and beginner’s guide available

PropForth 5.0 is available for use on the Parallax Propeller. As the PropForth crew explains, “It is an interactive development and run time system. You can communicate with PropForth using a standard serial port, or via ethernet and telnet depending on the capabilities of the system you are using. It has a rich set of […]

Try hacking your own Defcon 20 badge mockup

If you didn’t get to DEFCON 20 this year you can still try you hand at badge hacking. This year’s badge featured the Parallax Propeller chip and they’ve now released essential files that allow you to create your own functional replica badge. Links have been provided for the schematic, firmware, and code examples using the […]

Parallax releases beta GNU C/C++ compiler for Propeller chip

Parallax has announced the beta release of their Propeller GCC compiler for the Propeller chip. The compiler is available for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms along with a collection of utilities and demos. Propeller GCC complements the existing Propeller assembly language, PASM, and SPIN (the Propeller’s built-in high-level language). In addition to the standard GCC […]

DEFCON 20 badge features Parallax Propeller

DEFCON 20 is currently underway in Las Vegas and this year the electronic hackable badge is back! This year the badge is based on the Parallax Propeller P8X32A 32-bit multicore processor. “The badge features an infrared LED and receiver for badge-to-badge communication, a bank of eight LEDs for visual feedback and a USB circuit for […]

Prop EKG: simple heart rhythm monitor using Parallax Propeller

RaysLogic has posted his plans for a Parallax Propeller based heart rate monitor. Dubbed the PropEKG, Ray’s design uses an AD627 instrument amplifier and TC1029 dual op amp. Data is processed by the Propeller and relayed to a Windows PC using a Parallax PropPlug (normally used for programming a Propeller chip.) The circuit is isolated […]

Parallax Propeller based quadrocopter

Here is a Propeller based quadrocopter, well isn’t that a play on words. The control board is a Parallax Propeller protoboard (a quick prototyping board you can buy for about $20). The only sensor currently in use is a single 3-axis gyroscope (an ITG-3200). I have an ADXL-345 accelerometer mounted as well, but it’s not […]

Propeller GCC Beta enables programming in C and C++

Parallax has announced the availability of the Propeller GCC/SimpleIDE programming environment for the Propeller chip. “Now you can program your Propeller based application in C or C++! Parallax is proud to announce that it is moving into the beta phase for Propeller GCC – Parallax’s new open-source, multi-OS, and multi-lingual compiler that targets the Parallax […]

Parallax has launched a learning resources site for hobbyists and students. Known as, it’s the online home for materials relating to the Parallax Board of Education microcontroller development systems and robotics kits for BASIC Stamp, Propeller, and Arduino. The site is in the development stage, and is being populated with links to tutorials for […]

Parallax Propeller retro pocket mini computer

Jeff Ledger wrote informing us of a retro-style computer based on the Parallax Propeller described in this Instructable. It utilizes the Pocket Mini Computer Kit from GadgetGangster. This board is based on the Propeller chip and includes VGA, audio and PS/2 keyboard ports as well as a microSD card slot and Wii controller port. The […]

Propeller object: solar position calculator and almanac

Here’s a unique Propeller code object providing the functionality of a Solar Position Calculator & Almanac. Written in Spin by Prophead100, this object takes input including date, local/solar time, latitude, longitude and daylight savings time status, and calculates “a good approximation of the position (altitude and azimuth) of the sun at any time (local clock […]

Learn phonemic speech synthesis for the Propeller

This tutorial from Parallax explains speech synthesis for the Propeller chip. The circuit is simply a speaker plugged into the audio jack on the Propeller Board of Education (though any Propeller dev board should work; the demo program assumes the speaker is connected to Pin 10.) The demo is known as SimpleTalk.spin and uses the […]

Draft: Propeller 2 code authentication and protection

Parallax is in the process of designing its next gen Propeller chip. Informally dubbed the Propeller 2, the design includes a 32-bit, general purpose multi-core microcontroller with 8 identical cogs, a 160 MHz planned maximum clock speed, core voltage 1.8 VDC with I/O pin voltage of 1.8 VDC–3.3 VDC, 92 I/O pins total with each […]

Propeller DTMF generator object

If you need to generate DTMF tones and have a Parallax Propeller chip handy, there’s an object for that! Thomas E. McInnes has coded up this DTMF generator object for the Propeller. Written in Spin, the object includes functions for dialing individual digits or a preprogrammed phone number, along with the required Synth object as […]

PROP-6502 Propeller laptop

Dennis Ferron developed this Parallax Propeller Laptop with a 6502 co-processor and 64K of static RAM as his entry to a Parallax Propeller design contest. He observed that hardware prototyping has evolved from building-block hardware (TTL) to programmable hardware (PLA’s and FPGA’s). He believes that the Propeller chip represents the next revolution: 100% software-based virtual […]

Parallax Propeller encryption objects

Parallax has recently added two new encryption objects to their Propeller Object Exchange. Mark Tillotson has released his AES object. He describes it as an “efficient implementation of the Advanced Encryption Standard in PASM. Supports 128, 192 and 256 bit keys, ECB and CBC modes. All heavy lifting in PASM.” Mark also recently released his […]

30-Meter Amateur Radio beacon using Parallax Propeller

Eldon Brown, WA0UWH, has been experimenting with a Parallax Propeller he received for Christmas. Being an avid amateur radio operator, Eldon decided to code up a low power radio beacon on the 30-Meter amateur radio band (10.10 to 10.15 MHz.) He wrote this simple program to generate very slow speed CW (Morse code) radio transmissions […]

Get up to speed with First Spin podcast

If you are new to the Parallax Propeller MCU you may want to check out First Spin. It’s an audio podcast for that teaches how to use the Parallax Propeller to persons with no prior programming experience. You can listen to or download the pilot cast here, and follow the ongoing lineup of episodes at […]