Propeller GCC Beta enables programming in C and C++

Posted on Thursday, June 21st, 2012 in compilers, open source, Parallax Propeller, software by the machinegeek

Parallax has announced the availability of the Propeller GCC/SimpleIDE programming environment for the Propeller chip.

“Now you can program your Propeller based application in C or C++! Parallax is proud to announce that it is moving into the beta phase for Propeller GCC – Parallax’s new open-source, multi-OS, and multi-lingual compiler that targets the Parallax Propeller’s unique multicore architecture. Parallax has collaborated with industry experts to develop all aspects of the toolchain, including the creation of a new development environment called SimpleIDE.”

Propeller GCC is released under the licensing rules defined in GNU General Public License v3.0.

To download the package containing Propeller GCC and SimpleIDE visit the PropellerGCC Beta page. Give the Beta a try and submit your feedback to Parallax.

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One Response to “Propeller GCC Beta enables programming in C and C++”

  1. torwag says:

    That are aweome news.
    Tracking the gcc development for Propeller for some time already.
    The Propeller is a very nice (and very different) uC. The development tools were not as open as many wished for. Now we might finally see more and more projects using it.
    Congrats Parallax. Albeit, I would like to say that the Propeller community seemed to start with gcc dev. Thus, there should be some credits too.

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