Parallax Propeller based quadrocopter

Here is a Propeller based quadrocopter, well isn’t that a play on words. The control board is a Parallax Propeller protoboard (a quick prototyping board you can buy for about $20). The only sensor currently in use is a single 3-axis gyroscope (an ITG-3200). I have an ADXL-345 accelerometer mounted as well, but it’s not […]

Review: VPN1513 GPS receiver module

The VPN1513 GPS Receiver Module is a newly released combination GPS receiver and Parallax Propeller mini dev board. It uses a SiRF Star III chipset capable of tracking up to 20 satellites. The module supports both “raw” output mode for raw NMEA 0183 strings and the default “smart” mode for specific user-selected data through a […]

PZST – an open-source Propeller IDE in development [ Version 1.0.1 released! ]

Andrey Demenev has been developing PZST – an open-source Propeller IDE. Not wanting to use Windows any more than necessary, he wanted to develop an open source Propeller IDE for use with Linux. He states: I have been always using Brad Campbell’s BST for Prop programming, and mostly was satisfied with it. But there are […]

Nuntius: the Garden Avenger robot

In this video Trossen Robotics debuts their Garden Avenger Robot. David Dorhout, the bots developer writes: A couple of years ago I first saw one of those self contained game systems that consist of just the joystick and the AV wires that you plug into your TV. I was simply amazed at the simplicity and […]

Advanced Parallax Propeller robot big brain

Humanoido from LetsMakeRobots posted the above photo of a major project involving Parallax Propeller chips. Advanced Robot Big Brain 1-year in the making. Over 100 Parallax Propeller chips and over 100,000 enhanced chip processors. Controls 3,200 robots or I/O. SuperMicroController. Theoretical speed over 16,000 MIPS (left brain) and over 1 TeraFLOP (right brain). Only one […]

ProCoCo cart: Propeller-based Tandy/Radio Shack Color Computer 2 cartridge

If you’re into retro computing, this project may be for you. Plainsteve developed this custom cartridge for the Tandy/Radio Shack Color Computer 2 (CoCo 2) last Fall and released the details recently on his blog. The project is based on the Parallax Propeller and unlike other CoCo cartridges which simply play a program from ROM, […]

PropForth IDE for the Parallax Propeller

PropForth is a fully interactive development environment which runs on the Parallax Propeller allowing you to program the chip interactively in Forth using a PC serial terminal program. Their latest code release is Version 4.5. According to their project description: Propforth 4.5 introduces standardized interfaces (cog, serial, ethernet, etc), SD support (thanks caskaz), completed EEPROM […]

PropController: open source platform for lighting and prop control

The PropController is a Parallax Propeller based DMX/Ethernet swiss army knife originally intended for the DIY Christmas and Halloween communities. This device acts as building block to create custom lighting and FX controllers. There are currently two versions of the PropController one for RS485 (DMX) and one for Ethernet (E1.31 – Lightweight streaming protocol for […]

Retro style microcomputer on Parallax Propeller

Jeffledger wrote this Instructable detailing his construction of a retro-style microcomputer using a Parallax Propeller Multicore Startup Special dev kit (any Propeller board should work), an RCA Ultimate TV IR keyboard, 38 kHz IR receiver module, resistor and micro SD card with adapter. The result is a mockup of a retro computer on which you […]

DIY workshop power drive using Parallax Propeller

Jamie at the BackyardWorkshop developed this project using a Parallax Propeller Proto board and an Easydriver stepper driver from Sparkfun to build this homemade workshop power drive for a lathe / mill / drill. The project costs around $50 in parts, representing a major cost savings over buying a manufactured unit at $300 – $500. […]