Propeller object: solar position calculator and almanac

Here’s a unique Propeller code object providing the functionality of a Solar Position Calculator & Almanac. Written in Spin by Prophead100, this object takes input including date, local/solar time, latitude, longitude and daylight savings time status, and calculates “a good approximation of the position (altitude and azimuth) of the sun at any time (local clock or solar) during the day as well as events such as solar noon, sunrise, sunset, twilight (astronomical, nautical, civil), and day length. Derived values such as the equation of time, time meridians, hour angle, day of the year and declination are also provided.” This could be useful in designing a solar tracking system.

A demo program is included in the download and the heavy commenting is welcome, making these complex calculations easier to follow.

Via the Propeller Object Exchange.

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  1. An intersting way of implementing this code,if it was plugged to a GPS module and useing the almanach
    As a temperrary reference or tabele’s to compear the data, still it’s a nice and ellegant way to track the sun. Well done,!

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