GNU Radio demo: ultrasound data transmission via a laptop

Here the open source GNU Radio companion program is used to demonstrate the transmission of data from one laptop to another using frequency shift keying (FSK). They use an audio carrier frequency of 23 kHz. You can download the code for the GNU Radio companion flowgraph at

Tokyo Maker Faire 2013: Gadgets and electronics

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone, whatever – we love the gadgets and electronics designs on display at Maker Faire. @Nasupl_r’s Twitter Mention/Favorite Notify Helmet flashes to life when she’s mentioned on Twitter. An mBed board monitors her Twitter feed, while a Bluetooth connection makes it completely wireless.

Tokyo Maker Faire 2013: Weird and wonderful

Many things at Maker Faire don’t fit into neat categories. Here’s some of the weird and wonderful projects that delight and entertain. Walking around with your pants unzipped? Muro Lab’s zipper meter can help. When you’re fly is down the red LED lights at the bottom. When you’re zipped, the meter shows green for ‘good […]

Tokyo Mini Maker Faire 2013

When Maker Faire arrives in the biggest city in the world, you know the projects will be amazing. Japan’s makers, artists, designers, geeks, and hackers showed amazing projects of every type imaginable in Tokyo this past weekend. Japan’s Maker Faire continues to grow, and this year was the biggest yet. Follow our coming posts to […]

Open source plant watering alarm using ATtiny44A

Here is  an open source plant watering alarm based around the ATtiny44A. It uses a humidity sensor to detect when a plant needs to be watered. Your favorite plants need plenty of water to grow. If you keep forgetting to water your house plants you might be interested in this plant watering alarm device called […]

Shaizi (liars’ dice), street BBQ, and beer: guanxi the easy way

Guanxi means “face”, which is basically a Chinese system of respect in business and life. If a friend does you a favor, you owe them one back. If you do good business with a vendor, they treat you well. Westerners, especially, I think blow this way out of proportion. Maybe in the past it was […]

Making wine in Shenzhen: four months into a three week tour

Where we’ve been Dangerous Prototypes has been around four years this summer. This internet gig started at the DIY Life and Hack a Day blogs when I was a poor student roughing it in Amsterdam. A couple hundred bucks for a feature piece bought a lot of ramen stampot, and paid for an otherwise unsustainable […]

Bay Area Maker Faire 2013: ‘Get your stuff made’ presentation

Great turnout for the Get Your Stuff Made presentation! Ian talked about the ways open source is currently manufactured, and outlined the package we send to Seeed Studio to start a new project. Power Point Open Office PDF Thanks to everyone who came to listen!