Tokyo Maker Faire 2013: Weird and wonderful


Many things at Maker Faire don’t fit into neat categories. Here’s some of the weird and wonderful projects that delight and entertain.

Walking around with your pants unzipped? Muro Lab’s zipper meter can help. When you’re fly is down the red LED lights at the bottom. When you’re zipped, the meter shows green for ‘good to go’.


Sushi Rotater. Because dizzy sushi just tastes better!

IMG_1243-W600Yusuke Ohara’s new all-in-one PC is so thin there’s nowhere for his cat to perch. The Neko (Cat) Friendly All-In-One adds a stable platform for his feline friend.


Hiroto Ikeuchi’s case has been turned into a miniature battle zone.


A matrix of heaters in this toaster printer char letters or drawings into bread.


Kyu Cho builds entertaining animated sculptures.


Happy cat battle ship hat spotted around the Faire. Hard to miss.

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