SmartMatrix Shield Pro

EmbeddedCreations writes: I’ve been working on a new version of the SmartMatrix Shield, not meant to replace it, but to be an option for those that want to maximize the capabilities of the Teensy, while connecting to a matrix display. Let’s call it the SmartMatrix Shield Pro. This board will have the advantage of pinout/functionality, […]

Tripping to South China Market in a bread van

The entire Pearl River Delta area of China is a manufacturing powerhouse. Huaqiangbei, the famous giant electronics market, is just a tiny facet of a huge industrial ecosystem. About 30 minutes north of Shenzhen there’s a giant market the size of a town that supplies not just electronics, but chemicals, materials, tools, machines, and, of […]

Chinese New Year in Shenzhen the world electronics capital

Shenzhen wasn’t a town 30 years ago, it was barely a village. Almost nobody is from Shenzhen, people come here to make money and send it to family in other parts of China. Over the Chinese New Year, that two week period when you can’t order from Seeed Studio, tons of eBay vendors, and all […]

Bus Pirate probe cable prototypes and giveaway

Prototype Bus Pirate probe cables with heat shrink labels arrived today. We sent professionally printed heat shrink tubes to the cable people (white) and they attached them to 100 cables. We printed our own shrink labels on the L-Mark LK320P and attached them to 100 cables in-house (yellow). Results and cable giveaway below!

Another day, another project, another fixup..

We designed a microcontroller board for a power supply, but somehow we forgot to add the oscillator to the circuit. We thought it was enough to add two nets called ‘OSC1’ and ‘OSC2’ to the schematic… Why can’t Eagle cope with that automatically?! The lovely photo was taken with an A5000, and Android-based clone of […]

Making a Dangerous Prototypes sign in Shenzhen

Shenzhen isn’t just about building electronic hardware, so many things can be created and customized inexpensively. One day we spotted an entire street of shops selling customized signs in Dongmen, the old market neighborhood. There’s a few dozen shops with hundreds of sample signs in different styles hung on the walls, most decorated with binky […]

GNU Radio demo: ultrasound data transmission via a laptop

Here the open source GNU Radio companion program is used to demonstrate the transmission of data from one laptop to another using frequency shift keying (FSK). They use an audio carrier frequency of 23 kHz. You can download the code for the GNU Radio companion flowgraph at

Tokyo Maker Faire 2013: Gadgets and electronics

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Beagle Bone, whatever – we love the gadgets and electronics designs on display at Maker Faire. @Nasupl_r’s Twitter Mention/Favorite Notify Helmet flashes to life when she’s mentioned on Twitter. An mBed board monitors her Twitter feed, while a Bluetooth connection makes it completely wireless.