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Posted on Friday, January 3rd, 2014 in #liveupdates by DP


We had 1000 boxes and part holding trays made up for the new OOMP part management system. These won’t be at Seeed yet, just for our internal use and giveaways, but I wanted to share the result. Each set (box+tray) is about 1.2RMB ($0.20), took about a week to make and deliver.

We asked for white cardboard (not shiny, cheap stuff), they offered coated board for five times the price. That was a no go, but at the last minute they had stock issues or something and offered us white anyways. The sheets were slightly too small for the original tray design so they made the front part a bit smaller, chopping the side artwork a bit. The fit of the tray into the internal box is a bit tight and we’d give it an extra mm on each side in the future.

They were delivered by a van in seven large boxes, so we hired one of the electric tricycle man to move them and carry them up seven flights of stairs.

All in all, not so bad for a first go at creating a box in China in less than a week over New Year.





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8 Responses to “OOMP part box”

  1. Rubi says:

    Nice, I like it!

  2. Nick Johnson says:

    They look fantastic! Do you have a recommendation for the supplier? Would it be practical getting boxes shipped overseas?

    • Ian says:

      I’m not sure about this yet. Oomlout shared their quote from the UK and it was 10x more if I recall correctly once tooling fees were included. I’m not an expert on shipping, so I don’t know if this is made up by sea freight costs, etc. For this volume though I think it could be airfreighted to europe for a little less than what Aaron shared with us. For the supplier – not sure. We found this one on Taobao and they worked with us, but you gotta read and write putonghua to make it happen.

  3. John U says:

    What’s OOMP?

    This is the only post tagged “OOMP”, what did I miss?

  4. Erl says:

    Ian, I really enjoy your posts about everyday life in China! Keep ’email coming!

    • Ian says:

      Thanks :) My goal in the new year is one a week. The studio is set back up again, and better than ever, so we’ll have videos again starting in a week or two as well.

  5. Xykon says:

    Great news! As I wrote in the New Year post, I’m looking forward to see new projects again instead of just updates for the edu kit which personally doesn’t interest me as much. I’m glad things are moving along nicely and I’m especially excited about the comeback of the videos.

    And I’m really interested about the OOMP project. I’ve recently moved from France to the UK and am still struggling organizing all my stuff. I’ve tried many different things but I still have the feeling I spend more time searching things than actually building them. I really hope to get some new ideas out of this…

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