USB Infrared Toy firmware v20 final released

Infrared Toy firmware v20 final is now available for download. This is an update for all IR Toy hardware versions. Thank you to all the testers and developers who made this happen.

Last week we released v20-RC1, but it took two more release candidates to get everything in order. This version has been extensively tested, and the transmit bugs that plagued v12-v15 seem to be gone for good.

This is another new release powered by the Honken-JTR open source USB stack. Feel the cool breeze of open source USB.

Get an IR Toy v2 for $22.05, including world wide shipping.


  • Fixed double-buffer output bug (RC3) thanks JTR!
  • Fixed IR LED off bug (RC2)
  • Firmware ported to the JTR/Honken open source USB stack
  • IR Sample mode overhaul, transmit and receive double-buffered for glitch-free performance
  • New IR Sample mode commands improve transmit reliability
  • SUMP logic analyzer mode double-buffered
  • SUMP mode samples increased from 1024 to 4096
  • SUMP mode shows demodulated and raw IR signal
  • Removed debug and commented code that is no longer needed
  • Removed Liyin mode and big/little endian config from IR sample mode
  • Removed rawIO (deprecated), intruder (works poorly), and LIN (never implemented) modes
  • Updated documentation with examples for new commands

Release package:

  • Firmware v20 and update utility
  • REC&PLAY app v20 works with firmware v20+
  • Some test-case files to verify
  • Updated IR Toy configuration profile for OLS logic analyzer client (add to the /plugins/ folder)


  • Move USB to low-priority interrupts
  • Remove giant statemachines
  • Cleanup REC&PLAY app
  • Windows REC&PLAY GUI app

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